Bath (shampoo and conditioner matched to specific coat and skin condition), anal glands, ear cleaning hair pulled if needed, Pet-I-Cure, A very detailed grooming from nose to tail to suite the style you request. We perfected the hand scissoring to give your pet that perfect detailed trim every time. Fluff dry, bandanna or bows and cologne or perfume if desired.

How Often to Bath your Dog

The simple answer to this question of how often to bath a dog is:

How often do you want to bath your dog? Unless a dog has skin problems, there is no specific need to bath the dog except to make him a more enjoyable companion.

Just like people, some dogs get stinky faster than others. I have known dogs that have never had a bath in their life and do not have an unpleasant smell, but my own dogs get bathed weekly.

The quality and texture of your dog’s hair (whether it’s long, silky, curly, smooth, or wiry) will determine how much dirt it collects and how frequently the dog should be bathed. Your dog’s lifestyle and activities, such as running around outside with an invisible dog fence, will also influence how often she gets dirty and needs a bath.

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Grooming will benefit your pet in many ways, which adds to its importance. It is a great way for you to keep your pet looking well-kept. However, it is also important in terms of improving comfort for your pet. For instance, if your pet has a fringe, it can be inconvenient and frustrating if it grows too long. When you groom the animal, you can trim this so it can see properly. A matted coat can also be a frustration, painful and irritation for your pet. You can get this washed and brushed to get it looking and feeling silky-soft again.

People have different ideas and preferences with regard to the regularity that they should wash, brush, and check their pets. Some do it on a weekly basis while others prefer doing this bi-weekly or monthly. It really depends on the type of dog you have and what sorts of activities it engages in. For example, if your pet has a long coat, it will need to be groomed more often than one with a short coat

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